These Grass Types Might Be Suitable For Your Lawn

Japanese grass is one of the ideal grasses for a home lawn. However, don’t be in a hurry to think that this type of grass is imported from Japan, because the naming has nothing to do with the country of Sakura. Almost the same in texture and appearance as the Manila grass type, Japanese grass is the type of grass of choice that is often used in home yards. Its tapered and thin shape makes this type of Japanese grass appear flatter, denser, and smoother. If you wish to plant this type of grass on your lawn, you definitely need to hire the trusted Professional Lawncare Services in Northeast Ohio.

However, because it is also pointed and thin, this type of grass is often referred to as needle grass. You may feel uncomfortable sitting on the Japanese grass because it will hurt a little like being stabbed. This type of Japanese grass requires regular maintenance, such as pruning at least once a month, more painstaking fertilization about twice a month, and watering in summer.

In addition, almost similar to the appearance of Japanese grass, Beijing grass looks thin, pointy, and neat. Generally, Beijing grass species grow less frequently than Japanese grass species. If not regularly cared for, the Beijing grass type can grow dense and the bottom will turn yellow because it is not exposed to sunlight. This type of Beijing grass is more often planted in areas where human footrests do not pass.