Film Recommendations During The Pandemic Period 2020

Isolation from the outside world makes you feel frustrated, especially with a lot of news announcing a pandemic situation so that the situation in your home is not conducive. When you find yourself quite bored with all the activities in the house, you may have lost many ideas and passions. Bad news sounds so you need more encouragement than you expect. We never know the situation out there and in the house, while still sitting sweetly and spending time relaxing is the best way. If you find yourself in boredom, you can visit the 123movies site that will bring your viewing experience enjoyable and far from boring because it can be done anywhere, especially when you are at home because you can watch your favorite movies without losing your connection by downloading the film on the 123movies website.

The simple look of the website does not make the movies you want to watch boring. Through the 123movies website, you will get great projections related to your favorite films. You might be able to spend your time with the film About Time. The British film, released in 2013, starred Rachel McAdams and Domhnall Gleeson and was packaged in the concept of romantic comedy. The Gleeson character here is said to be able to travel time to win the heart of the girl of his dreams and it all started with a new year’s party. If you want to find excitement in life, you can imagine the adventures of the film Snowpiercer. Not just 2020, but jump to 2031. Climate change has forced people to live on a moving train and a new year celebration is celebrated every time the train travels around the world. Communities are divided into important passengers (the front of the train) and ‘trash’ (the back) with brutal conditions. Until there is a man (Chris Evans) who wants to lead a rebellion with the ‘trash’.

Want your mood full of flowers? Then watch the film Bridget Jone’s Diary. The film premiered in 2001 and carried the romantic comedy genre for New Year’s Eve. Renee Zellweger acts as a woman who keeps a diary while looking for love for the new year. There is no intention to leak the story, but this film may or may not end in an epic new year’s kiss.