Do Not Use This Material In Your Skincare

Many harmful ingredients that we are not aware of in skincare that we use, therefore we must be careful in choosing skincare. It also must consider the good ingredients for our skin, one of which is nano zinc oxide. This ingredient is very helpful for skin irritation. This material is easy to find and cheap if you get it in nano zinc oxide thailand.

The following are dangerous ingredients in skincare:

Benzoyl peroxide

Many skincare products that contain this ingredient, especially products that cure acne. But you still have to be careful when using this one product. Benzoyl peroxide contains carcinogens that not only can cause skin poisoning, or cell damage but can also trigger skin cancer.


Why shouldn’t you use a product made from triclosan for the skin? Yeap, triclosan turns out to be closely related to some disadvantages such as weakening the body’s immune system, abnormal growth, and defects in the fetus.

Sounds like a familiar ingredient, triclosan is commonly used in antibacterial products, toothpaste, and even makeup. Triclosan may kill bacteria, but on the one hand, it can also cause harm to you.