Choosing A Good Fishing Reel

Fishing can also give you the sensation of adventure, adventure to lift big fish either in the lake or in the sea! Just a quick tip, if you’re fishing in the sea, pay attention to the time, because the natural conditions like the sea can’t be predicted with certainty. So make sure you are ready to face all conditions when fishing in the sea with the right saltwater tackle. One of the most important equipment is a reel. A reel is a tool in the fishing rod that is used to pull or extend the fishing line.

Choosing a good reel is also basically the same as choosing a fishing rod, but more emphasis is placed on the material for making the reel, weight, gear ratio, and the drag system. It’s a bit of a bit deep to get a reel made from strong, lightweight, and a good thread drag system so it is not easily broken. The fishing line drag system is one of the main focuses in this reel selection. That is, in reel selection, you must make sure the reel is not jammed when used to lift fish.