Use These Tips To Keep Your Ceramic Floor Always Shiny

Ceramics became the material chosen for floor coverings and residential walls by most people. Aside from diverse motifs and colors, the price is relatively cheap, for the majority of users, ceramic floors are also fairly easy in terms of maintenance. However, with the age of usage, the ceramic floor of the house becomes a bit dull. Therefore, after installing the ceramic floor, routine maintenance is needed with proper handling. my website is the right choice when you don’t have time to clean and care for the ceramic floor at home.

There are several tips that you can apply at home to keep tile floors clean and shiny.

Brush the ceramic floor gently
Along with activities that occur in the house, there will be stains or dirt on the floor of the room. To eliminate this, we can gently brush ceramics so as not to scratch the layer of the ceramic floor. Use a brush with a soft material so as not to damage the ceramic layer.

Clean with a mixture of water and floor cleaner
If the stain remains stubborn, you can also use a solution of water with a floor cleaning liquid. Mop the floor with a solution, overcome difficult areas with a soft cloth. The use of a mop is preferred over a sponge. Do not use cleaners that have ammonia material because it can damage the quality of ceramics and can even make it crack easily.

Rub the floor tile grout
Generally, with age, the use of grout tiles will have a lot of dirt attached. So to get rid of dirt, rub the grout using a brush and floor cleaning soap. Do this at least 2 weeks so that the dirt is not difficult to clean. Do not rub too tightly if the stain on the grout is not too sticky. It is recommended to use a small brush or toothbrush that is not used, so as not to damage the grout of the house.

Rinse with warm water
After sanding the ceramic floor is rubbed, then rinse using warm water. Then, dry using a mop until it is clean and shiny.

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