These Simple Tricks Can Help You Maintain Your AC

If you are a person who uses the air conditioner for more than 8 hours a day, then you should set the AC temperature to 22 degrees Celsius and not below 22 degrees Celsius. Setting the temperature below 22 degrees Celsius will only make the air conditioner break down faster because the AC has to work hard for a long time and is also wasteful of energy. The components on the air conditioner will also work harder, which will make the air conditioner quickly damage its internal parts. If your AC is damaged, you can call the company of air conditioning maintenance port charlotte.

Then, you also have to know that the air conditioner is supposed to be a room temperature controller not a room cooler and as a room temperature regulator, a temperature of 24 to 25 degrees is sufficient for hot climates. With the right temperature setting, the AC is not easily damaged.

In addition to the ideal AC temperature setting, dust that sticks to cabinets and walls must be cleaned regularly. You must do this to keep the room clean and healthy. The presence of dust in air particles cannot be avoided, that’s why it is important to be diligent in cleaning dust, especially since the dust has great potential to carry various diseases and can cause health problems in human breathing. It’s not just about your health, but cleaning the dust regularly will help your AC to work better in your room.

Furthermore, you have to give a pause when the new AC is turned on or off. Keeping the air conditioner is not easily damaged is actually easy but it must be continuous. One of them is in the process of turning on and off the air conditioner. Sometimes you accidentally press the Off button and the air conditioner immediately turns off and then you rush to press the On button. This is not very good. Because there is no break from you pressing the Off button to the On button. In the air conditioner, there is a process, namely the refrigerant setting in the process which takes five minutes. For that, before turning on the air conditioner, you should give a break of five minutes