The First Type Of A Skateboard

We see a lot of skateboards with nice designs lately and we also know that a lot of teenagers like them. Anyways, you have to know that in the past time there was only one type of a skateboard. We realize there are many of good skateboards that you see at a skateboard’s store and one of them is called skatro mini cruiser. Actually, a skateboard is made from a square of wooden piece before they have their specific shapes today.

 People in the past made their skateboards from a wooden box or just a piece of wooden board and they attached four small roller skate wheels to the bottom of their wooden board. It was a very classic design of a skateboard and they could not do many tricks with their old skateboard. There was no special design for their old skateboards either because they did not have much equipment to produce a good skateboard in that time.

In advance, there was a scooter’s company that created their first skateboard design. They attached a wooden crate to the front side of their boards so it looked a like a handlebar. A skater could skate much better with that second skateboard design from that scooter’s company. Somehow, they created a nice model so people could skate away without having any problems. They made a little plank shape on their boards and it really looked similar with the latest skateboard design in the present time.

We also need to know that this sport already exists in 1940s although some others assume that this sport exists in the early of 1950s. This kind of sport was totally different than other kind of sports in that era. Probably there were only small group of people who knew about skateboarding. Therefore, they practiced it on streets because they did not have specific places to perform their tricks in the past time.

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