Watches For A Gift For Woman

Before choosing a watch, pay attention to our everyday dress style. Sporty, elegant, feminine or manly? That way it will be easier to choose the right best watches for nurses model for us. Is it classic round, masculine square, chic rectangular or curvy ordinary. If you are still confused, we can make jewelry or accessories that we often use as a reference. Because if we choose just because the watch is trending or because the model is cute but it doesn’t suit our style, it’s a pity because it will rarely be used.

Today there are many choices of watches with different materials. There are classic yellow gold, rose gold and pink gold that give the impression of luxury and elegance. There is stainless steel that is timeless and suitable for all activities. And ceramics are modern, practical and not easily scratched. Usually the diameter of a woman’s watch is between 28 – 33mm. This diameter is suitable for watches that we use everyday or special events. But many also prefer watches with a larger diameter. Usually it is on a sporty watch, smart watch and boyfriend watch. Just choose which one we like. It turns out that even though the wrist is small it looks okay how come you wear a watch with a larger diameter as long as the case and the band are slim so it doesn’t look bulky.

As for the wrist strap, avoid leather ones even though it gives a modern and stylish impression if you are allergic to leather straps. The favorite is the bracelet strap for classic and formal impression and rubber because it is easy to clean, durable and not easily damaged by perfume. This is specifically for friends who are confused choosing a watch for his wife, girlfriend or mother. Look at the brands they use most often, be they watches, bags or other accessories. Women lovers of the famous brands will certainly not refuse if given a gift of a women’s watch from the same brand.

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